Custom Center Tab and Executive Dashboard

By - February 28, 2020

Purpose: Create a custom Center Tab with customized links and a Center Tab Dashboard, using Saved Searches and SuiteAnalytics Workbook portlets.
Use Case: Create a client-specific testing tab to track the list of Test Cases, Test Case Progress, as well as the option to create a new Test Case.

Create Center Tab

1. Navigate to Customization > Centers and Tabs > Center Tabs > New.

2. Populate the Tab Name as you would like it to be displayed in the User Interface (e.g. “Client Name Testing”).

3. Select the Classic Center (or whichever Center you want to make the tab available).

Create Center Tab

4. Navigate to the “Portlets” subtab and select Custom Search and Analytics portlets (Select as many as you want available on the executive dashboard. For this example, select 3 Custom Search lines and 2 Analytics lines.)

Portlets on Center Tab

5. Save.

Create Center Categories (i.e. dropdown list values for the Center Tab)

1. Navigate to Customization > Centers and Tabs > Center Categories > New.

2. Populate a Label for the Category (i.e. Tab name for dropdown in the User Interface).

3. In the Center Tab field, select the Center Tab you created in the previous section.

4. In the Link dropdown list, select the link to the saved search a user will be directed to when clicking this Center Category.

Center Category

a. If users should be redirected to a custom hyperlink, navigate to Customization > Centers and Tabs > Center Links and populate a custom label and URL to be accessed from the Center Category page.

Custom Center Links

b. The Center Link Label will then be available for selection in step 4.

5. Save.

Publish Dashboard

1. Click on the new Center Tab available in the User Interface.

2. Set-up the portlets with specific Saved Searches and SuiteAnalytics Charts.

a. Saved Search Example: Group by Test Case Status and add “Count” grouping.

Saved Search

b. Workbook Chart Example: Create Chart by Process are to show number of test cases in each status.

Workbook Chart

3. Publish Dashboard for the Custom Center tab.

Publish dashboard for custom center


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