Custom Fields with Values Derived from Saved Search Results

By - September 12, 2013

With Release 2013.2, NetSuite introduced a powerful new way to calculate the value of a custom field.  With the new release, you can now create custom fields that show the value of a summary saved search.

For example, you can create custom fields on the customer record that show the year-to-date, quarter-to-date, and month-to-date sales orders for that customer.  See the steps and screen shots below for an example.

1.  Create three different saved searches.  Each saved search will be identical except for the date range specified on the Criteria tab of the saved search definition.

August 7

2.  On the Results tab, choose the columns you want to include in the results of the saved search. Specify “Sum” as the Summary Type for the Amount column.

August 8

3.  On the Available Filters tab, choose to filter the report by the internal ID of the customer.  This will allow the custom field on the customer record to show the saved search totals for sales orders from that customer only.

August 9

4.  Create three custom entity fields.  Be sure to leave the “Store Value” check box un-checked, as the summary results contained in this field are neither stored nor searchable.  On the Validation & Defaulting tab, select the saved search applicable to the field you are creating.

August 10

5.  After the three fields are created, make sure they appear as desired on the custom form.  You may wish to create a unique field group for the sales history information.

August 11

The following types of fields can contain values derived from summary saved searches:

  • Entity Fields
  • Item Fields
  • CRM Fields
  • Transaction Body Fields
  • Other Custom Fields
  • Custom Record Custom Fields

The custom field type must be one of the following:

  • Currency
  • Date
  • Date/Time
  • Decimal Number
  • Email Address
  • Free-Form Text
  • Hyperlink
  • Integer Number
  • Long Text
  • Percent
  • Phone Number
  • Rich Text
  • Text Area
  • Time of Day

If you have any customization needs, the professionals at RSM can help.  We are a NetSuite Solution Provider and a NetSuite Systems Integrator partner, and have more than 30 years experience implementing ERP solution.  We’ll provide you with industry insight, project management and the technical resources you need to make your project a success.

By: Jay Figgins – Iowa NetSuite Solution Provider






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