Customer Service Enhanced by Leveraging Technology in NetSuite

By - February 3, 2015

The “Cloud”

Everyone has heard about the “Cloud” and how it can save their business. We have all seen the television commercials, heard the radio advertisements and read the marketing handouts. By the end of this short blog you will see how NetSuite Cloud ERP can help your business leverage technology to improve your customer service and drive sales.

How NetSuite Can Improve Your Customer Service

NetSuite offers their users the ability to operate their systems from anywhere in world, so long as there is an internet connection. NetSuite can be operated from any desktop or laptop that has an internet browser, which could be in your business’s back office or in the hands of your sales reps in the field. However, it does not stop there. You can utilize NetSuite from your tablet or phone through your device’s web browser or through the incredibly useful NetSuite app. Providing your business reps with this powerful tool at their finger tips, anywhere in the world, can greatly improve your business’s customer service.

Customer Service Improved by NetSuite's 360 Degree View of Customer

Sample Customer Record in NetSuite










Each customer record in NetSuite can hold an immense amount of useful data. By looking at a single record a NetSuite user can see every contact with that customer. That includes each phone call or email to every invoice and payment, and every event in between. The system can also be uniquely configured to satisfy your business’s needs. NetSuite gives your business total visibility into your customer’s history allowing for a  360 degree view of that customer from anywhere in the world. This provides your business with a significant competitive advantage over your competition. Not only can NetSuite help your business generate new sales (see: How NetSuite Manages Lead to Cash to Increase Productivity) but it also provides your sales reps with the tools to provide exceptional customer service and create lasting relationships.

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By: Kevin Bubar – Maryland NetSuite Solution Provider

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