Employee Center User vs. General Access User

By - February 22, 2013

With all the roles that can be customized in NetSuite it can be confusing  what the differences are between a general access user, an employee self-service user, and when it’s appropriate to give a user general access or employee center access. General access roles include the major standard roles of NetSuite such as: administrative, accounting, sales and support management. These roles allow users to perform all major actions within NetSuite and can be fully customized. At one fifth of the cost of a general access user, the employee center role allows users to perform internal business functions. This role offers companies a way to effectively streamline their internal business processes and give employees a centralized self-service portal without having to pay the price for full user access. Too many times we see companies invest money in multiple systems to support their internal business functions, which can lead to frustration from employees. With NetSuite employee center capabilities, companies can streamline some of these processes, reduce the number of systems employee’s access and gain visibility in a cost effective manner.

With the employee center role, users have the standard abilities to enter time, expense reports, purchase request, submit help cases and approve transactions. Employee center users will then have full visibility throughout the lifecycle of each of these records and can search or report on any of the records entered by them. Along with these standard capabilities employee center users will have access to the NetSuite calendar and the ability to create events, contacts and tasks. Custom records can also be created for employee center users to accommodate unique company requirements like travel authorizations. It is important to note that the employee center role does have limitations. The employee center role can be customized like all of the other standard NetSuite roles, but access can only be removed not added. Any accounting, support, sales, administrative or marketing actions cannot be performed by employee center users. Visibility is also restricted with the employee center role. They cannot view financial reports, budgets or transactions that are not entered by them. If employees need to take any of these actions or need visibility into this information they will need to have additional NetSuite roles associated to their accounts making them a general access user.

By understanding the capabilities and limitations of employee center users, companies can make informed decisions on what access needs to be purchased for their employees.

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