Finding related NetSuite transactions for advanced searches

By - November 27, 2013

In NetSuite, all transactions from sales orders to invoice and purchase orders to bills are related. Finding the right records related to the transaction(s) you are looking for may be necessary at times in order to report the right and related information.

Note: In NetSuite – drop ship sales orders and purchase orders are not receipted into inventory and do not affect COGS. Therefore, the cost must be obtained from the vendor bill.

This table shows a list of the records and how they relate to one another:

netsuite record chart



Transaction Type: Sales Order

Applying Transaction: Type (Purchase Order)

Applying Transaction: Applying Link Type (Order Bill/Invoice)

Applying Transaction: Date Closed is the date the purchase order closed

Applying Transaction: Applying Transaction – this field is the Bill #


Related Records – record relationships

The Applied to Transaction record and the Applying Transaction record are very handy when needing to report on such data as: Cost of Goods, billed amount, invoiced amount, sales order and purchase orders and the need to report in one saved search. These can be found at the bottom of the saved search field or record list.

netsuite record relationship chart

We hope this information is helpful when creating advanced searches but if you still have more questions or need additional support, RSM can help.  We are a national NetSuite partner with locations across the United States.  We’ve been implementing ERP solutions for over thirty years and can help your better leverage your NetSuite investment.  Contact our professionals at or by phone at 855.437.7202.

By: Monica Smith – Iowa NetSuite Solution Provider


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