Importing Data with Netsuite

By - January 2, 2013

Data can be imported into NetSuite from a CSV file, a Quicken file or a QuickBooks file.  A NetSuite professional can be contracted to importQuickBook files for you. SuiteTalk (web services) is used for large or ongoing migrations. The NetSuite Import Assistant (located at Setup -> Import/Export -> Import Tasks -> Import CSV Records) will guide users through the process.  This tool matches the CSV file to the available NetSuite fields.


To use the Import Assistant, the first step is to get the file in the proper format (comma-separated).  A top row with headings will be matched to the NetSuite fields.  The CSV file has a limit of 25,000 records or 50 mb.  It’s recommended that imports are separated into smaller files for better performance.  When referencing fields such as items or accounts , the fields must be the same as seen in a dropdown (i.e. Accessories : Cable – SCSI).  For Netsuite OneWorld, the subsidiary field is a required field for many record types, and  must be in the correct hierarchical order (grandparent : parent : child).  Amounts must be without commas and include the decimals (9999.99). For Boolean values (yes/no, true/false, check/uncheck), it’s recommended that the values of ‘TRUE’ and ‘FALSE’ are used.  For state and provincial names, use the Short Name as found in NetSuite.  An error, ‘Invalid state state_name for country country_name’, will be produced if the full name is used.  For instance, Alabama should use ‘AL’ in the import file.  Country names should be reference not country codes.


Record types supported include Bin, Chart of Accounts, Phone Calls, Tasks, Class, Department, Location, Custom Records, Employees, Items, Messages, Notes, Contacts, Customers, Projects, Leads, Partners, Prospects, Vendors, Issues, Solutions, Cases, Topics, Cash Sale, Customer Payment, Estimate, Invoice, Item Demand Plan, Journal Entry, Opportunity, Purchase Order, Sales Order Vendor Bill, Vendor Credit, Vendor Payment, and Vendor Return Authorization.

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By: Theresa Stoops

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