Increasing communication within NetSuite

By - October 26, 2015

Does your business strive for increased communication within your ERP/CRM system? NetSuite offers many different solutions including both out of the box and customized options. Whether you are looking to track phone calls on lead records or attach a photo of a client site to a customer record, NetSuite can support your business needs.

Most of the built-in NetSuite options derive from the Communication tab on records and transactions (Figure 1.0). Here your business is given the opportunity to track activities such as phone calls, tasks, or events. Marketing folks and sales reps can find this area to be especially helpful when tracking the pursuit of leads and prospects. In relation to financials, activities can be extremely beneficial for the accounts receivable and accounts payable teams for tracking potential issues with invoices and billing including the use of User Notes. The notes feature allows users to quickly add a free text memo with a time stamp to a record or transaction that can show updated information, follow-up items, or concise meeting notes.


Figure 1.0

NetSuite also offers a file storage solution which is found from the Documents tab on your main center. Configuring your NetSuite file cabinet is a great way to use the built-in file storage, but other 3rd party integrations are available to utilize as well. Under the Communications tab, as seen in figure 1.0 above, you will find the Files subtab which is the location to upload documents to your records and transactions. Netsuite also offers a drag and drop solution to upload files which can also help to increase efficiency.

Many of NetSuite’s solutions are driven by the ability to increase business efficiency and visibility among the organization. Communication can be the main driver of such goals, so utilizing the many communication within NetSuite can also be very beneficial. If your business is interested in increasing communication within NetSuite, feel free to seek out the knowledge and experience of RSM’s NetSuite professionals by contacting us at or call 855.437.7202.

By: Chelsea Fedie – Minnesota NetSuite Solution Provider

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