Maintaining an Org Chart within Your NetSuite ERP

By - October 21, 2014

Who is Jim’s manager? What is Pam’s title? Who are the resources are on Mike’s development team?

For most companies, maintaining an organizational structure and employee hierarchy is a necessary evil. NetSuite helped address this problem by creating a free SuiteApp called SuiteOrgChart to continuously update an org chart based on employee records. The SuiteOrgChart SuiteApp is still in Beta testing, but the basic functionality is operational and useful.

Within the SuiteApp, employees are structured in a pyramid based on their supervisor, allowing the entire organization to be sorted by their direct reporting chain. Employees can find a reliable source of team member information as your organization grows.


Key Features:

  • Ability to restrict access to the SuiteApp by role, user, department
  • Uses standard fields on the employee record for structure of the chart
  • Job title, picture, etc. can be added to the chart
  • Collapse, expand and move the chart within the viewing screen

Enhancements Needed:

  • Ability to export the org chart to PDF/Powerpoint. Screen shots pasted into PDF or Word is currently required for external viewing.
  • Translate the org chart into a collapsible list format for dashboard use. A text version of the chart, without pictures or spaced structure, would be valuable on an HR dashboard.

To use the chart, search and install bundle number 49118. RSM’s NetSuite professionals would be glad to help answer any questions. Please contact RSM at or by phone at 855.437.7202.

By: Tyler Cronk – Minnesota NetSuite Solution Provider

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