Mid Market Companies Soar to the ERP Cloud with Success

By - May 25, 2013

For mid-market companies, the process of selecting and implementing a new cloud-based ERP system like NetSuite, may be difficult to navigate on their own, but it can be made easier by having a simple strategy for ultimately achieving a tailored business solution. Businesses focused on incorporating their own strategic vision, while embracing a strong technology platform and leveraging the skill set of an experienced partner are going to be the most successful in this process.

The first step in evaluating a new cloud ERP solution is for a business to identify its strategic vision of what a new cloud-based system must deliver, such as web accessibility, mobility, financial management, reporting, workflow and dashboards. In addition to the automatic upgrades and open platform, NetSuite offers user-based configurations in a “click-not-code” process.  With these system capabilities in place, businesses are better positioned for achieving the benefits of increased productivity, operational efficiency, and faster decision making with a 20 to 50% lower total cost of ownership.

With a fully-integrated, cloud-based system, NetSuite provides customers a robust technology platform, which includes Financial Management, Customer Relationship Management, and ecommerce features and functionality. The system is highly scalable and may be deployed throughout an entire mid-market business leveraging workflow based on business processes and executive level key performance indicators and dashboards.

As a national partner of NetSuite and provider of Cloud services, RSM offers clients a localized implementation approach with a depth of experience, and long-term service and support. RSM has been implementing clients on new ERP and CRM systems for several years performing services, such as system design, setup and configuration, data migration, system integration and training.

As businesses pursue a new cloud-based ERP system, the ultimate solution consists of clients’ requirements and strategic vision, the NetSuite system platform, and RSM know-how. With this simply strategy, businesses truly benefit by implementing a tailored business system solution, which will increase its overall business success.

For companies looking to evaluate new ERP systems, RSM offers a complimentary 14 day NetSuite trial.  This offer includes a discovery and training session from a RSM Professional. This will help you identify your goals and priorities so that we can configure a solution that meets your unique needs.

By: Chris Kutt – Colorado NetSuite Solution Provider

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