Navigation Tips for New NetSuite Users

By - May 15, 2013

Even for the most tech savy people, migrating to a new a software system and learning to navigate it is a daunting task. I once had a client tell me they wanted their new application to be “ATM Simple.” ATM simple, in their mind, was a screen with three action buttons that allowed the user to take all actions from those three buttons. Unfortunately, most software (unless it is an ATM) has more complexity and no matter how user friendly, will take awhile to get accustom to.

Part of having a successful user adaption for new software implementation is easing the pain of the new user experience. NetSuite excels in offering an array of user by user setting and preferences that help users personalize NetSuite to meet their business needs and ease some of this first time user pain.

One of the biggest hills to climb with new user adaption is navigation. With the “Add to Shortcuts” functionality, NetSuite allows users to add quick links to frequently visited screens within NetSuite. This functionality works exactly like “Adding Favorites” to your internet browser. Users can create shortcuts to any screen within NetSuite by going to the “Star” tab on the top left hand side of the screen and clicking add to “Add To Shortcuts”



A new window will then pop-up requiring a name for the shortcut, it is important that this name is applicable for the shortcut since it will be displayed as the shortcut link. There is also an option to open this shortcut in a new window. If this box is checked, this screen will always create a new window.




Once saved, the new shortcut will appear in the “Shortcuts” portlet on the dashboard.



Although it is not “ATM Simple,” creating shortcuts within NetSuite helps user adaption and creates a more “User Friendly” system for new users.

By: Erika Foss – Colorado NetSuite Solution Provider

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