NetSuite Case Study: Packaging Leader in Minneapolis

By - August 25, 2015

Many companies that choose to implement NetSuite are growing quickly and like the flexibility of a cloud based, SAAS ERP solution. Garven and Cadence, two leading gift packaging providers in Minneapolis, Minnesota, are no exception. They implemented NetSuite in 2012 and quickly found that their growing business required increasing functionality from their ERP solution.

They asked RSM to help with the pain of running two companies out of one instance of NetSuite, to streamline process and to create efficient CRM practices.

“It’s more than just the understanding of NetSuite. With many companies, the focus can be on just understanding the product and less about the customer’s business model or what they need to get out of NetSuite. I think that is a key differentiator for RSM; they understand our business needs and motivations, and can meld those two things together. Working with RSM was a critical step in moving us forward with NetSuite.”

–  Sera Holt,
Senior Vice President, Garven LLC and Cadence Packaging Group

The resulting work formalized the company’s subsidiary structure in NetSuite OneWorld, improved sourcing processes and consolidated lead/customer data and reporting.

Read the full case study.

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By: Josh Ferguson – Minnesota NetSuite Solution Provider

Josh first implemented and administered NetSuite in 2007. He has been with RSM since 2012 and is currently a Director in our NetSuite consulting practice.

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