NetSuite – The ERP System for Deal Makers

By - January 26, 2015

As the economy continues to improve, there has been an increased flow of investment capital into the private sector in the form of private equity, angel investors, and crowd funding to drive and sustain growth. This trend has led to a steady stream of deal making in form of mergers, acquisitions, carve-outs, and startups ranging from pre-profit status to the middle market sized businesses.

As businesses decision makers (aka Deal Makers) begin to execute upon their growth strategy, they often face an immediate need to select an enterprise resource planning system (ERP) for their business. Depending on the situation, they may inherit a large, expensive enterprise system (Oracle, SAP, Lawson); an antiquated system that technology has left behind (AS/400, UNIX); an entry-level system that cannot make it to the next level (Peachtree, Quickbooks), or potentially no system at all.

With the need to drive and sustain growth, keep operational costs under control and keep an exit strategy in sight, these deal makers are looking for a best-of-class system with a rapid time to value. A best-of-class system offers the latest in application technology best characterized by a holy trinity of ERP capabilities: Cloud, Mobility, and Dashboards.

NetSuite is a 100% Cloud-based system offering deal makers the ability to move rapidly and seamlessly to a new system with the benefit of having multiple departmental teams, such as Sales, Marketing, Operations, and Finance collaborate all on a single system. With NetSuite, deal makers may move forward on a single best-of-class system in a transparent fashion.

With Cloud as the standard, today Mobility is a necessity. NetSuite is accessible from any device, so its enhanced mobility features provide executive decision makers and team members the ability to gain insight into business critical information from the corporate headquarters, the home office, airport, or anywhere in the world wherever the internet is accessible. The modern day deal maker expects to know how the business is performing from anywhere in the world at any time.

Dashboards, analytics, and key performance indicators in NetSuite provide executives with real-time insight into the whole business, such as a 360 degree view of each customer, departmental performance, and an outline of pending tasks each of which is used to maintain an accurate pulse of the business, and more importantly stay ahead of customers, prospects, vendors, and channel partners at all times.

As an added benefit, NetSuite provides a recurring subscription, which gives deal makers control over a predictable annual cost. With the NetSuite subscription model, Deal makers can spend more time gaining oversight over their portfolio rather than managing multiple software applications, database licenses, operating systems, servers, back-ups, and full time IT staff.

As we continue to see increased deal making in the marketplace, moving towards a NetSuite Cloud-based system with Mobility and Dashboards absolutely makes the most sense. NetSuite provides deal makers a best-in-class ERP system, but more importantly, the confidence to continue to focus on making deals that yield favorable returns.

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By: Chris Kutt – Colorado NetSuite Solution Provider

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