Netsuite Global Search – Tips and Overlooked Features

By - April 3, 2013

One of the features many new users overlook in NetSuite is the Global Search.  Global Search helps users find information quickly.  It’s located in the upper right-hand corner in NetSuite.  Simply entering a few characters in the Search will show results from several different record types (Contact, Customer, etc.)


Global Search

To limit the type of results, enter the first few characters of the record type as a prefix.  ‘cu:’ or ‘cust:’  for customers; ‘em:’ or ‘emp:’ for employees; ‘con:’ for contacts; ‘invo:’ or ‘inv’for invoices (‘inv’ will also return inventory items); ‘i:’, ‘it:’, ‘inv:’ or ‘inve:’ for Items; ‘sales:’ for sales orders.


Limit Results

By selecting go, a web page will show the results of the search.



Web Search

The word ‘OR’ allows users to search on multiple criteria, i.e., Wolf OR Wo OR Wof.  The ‘OR’ must be in capital letters.  Adding a ‘+’ to the end of the search criteria will allow searching on inactive records.  Keywords should be 32 characters or less for successful results.

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By: Theresa Stoops – Kansas City NetSuite Solution Provider

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