NetSuite – How to find fixed assets in a Journal Entry

By - March 26, 2018

Do you need to know which fixed assets are used in the calculation of the Depreciation Journal Entry in NetSuite? Here’s how to find those assets in two easy steps:

  1. Get the BG Summary name from the Journal Entry
  2. Enter that ‘name’ into a very easy saved search

Next, you’ll locate the Journal Entry – either on the asset record or the ‘list’ of journal entries.

Asset Record

  1. There is a link to the Journal on the asset record – DEPRECIATION HISTORY tab
  2. Click on the VIEW link
  3. This lists the depreciation schedule. Scroll down until you see the Journal posting reference – ‘Journal #12’
  4. Click on this Journal Link. This takes you to the Journal screen

Journal Entry List

  1. Go to the ‘List’ for journal entries. This list shows the account column which indicates the Depreciation Expense, so you will know which journal is for depreciation
  2. Click the ‘view’ link next to the journal you want to open

This is an example of the asset record depreciation history tab

On the Journal Entry record

  1. Go to the CUSTOM TAB
  2. On that tab, click on the BG SUMMARY RECORDS tab
  3. Highlight the ‘name’ information
  4. Copy this ‘name’ – this will get pasted into your Saved Search

This is an example of the journal entry custom tab, BG summary records subtab

Saved search – Reports/New search

Create a new NetSuite saved search on ‘FAM Depreciation History’

Criteria Tab

  1. Filter NAME ‘is’
  2. the BG Summary Record Name. Paste this ‘name’ into the description

Results Tab

  1. Add the field ‘ASSET’. Move to the top (for readability)
  2. Remove any columns not needed.

Save and run

  1. This shows that this JE 12 includes two assets
  2. FAM000001, and FAM000003

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By: Brenda Moore – Colorado NetSuite Solutions Provider

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