NetSuite Manages the Lead to Cash Process for Increased Productivity

By - January 3, 2013

Properly managing the lead to cash process can help increase sales productivity.  The fully integrated CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) modules within NetSuite assists users with achieving an efficient sales process.

NetSuite offers one system for tracking the business flow from leads to opportunities to sales orders to invoicing and payments while helping with common sales process goals:

  1.  Reduce errors and duplicate entry
  2.  Increase customer satisfaction
  3.  Increase time to cash
  4.  Reduce sales costs

I have run into many mid-market companies who have implemented separate systems for ERP and CRM.  Often times, an integration is developed in an attempt to synchronize data between the two distinct systems.  During the integration design process, several topics will be discussed that point out some of the limitations of multiple systems:

  • What will the system of record be for new customers?
  • If a change is made to a customer in one system, will the change show in both systems?
  • Will sales quotes be tracked in the CRM system, and sales orders and invoices tracked in the ERP system?  If so, does the CRM system need to be updated to when a quote is completedinvoicedpaid?
  • Will the product list be setup and maintained in both systems?
  • If a change is made to a quote in the CRM system, will that change update the sales order in the ERP system?
  • Will reporting be done in the CRM system or the ERP system or a combination of the two?
  • If we upgrade our CRM system, will the integrations with the ERP system continue to function properly?

The NetSuite approach of ‘one complete system’ eliminates many of these common issues with multiple systems.  With CRM and ERP data in one system, users can gain insight into lead management, sales forecasting, marketing effectiveness, case management, and sales history in one place for each customer.  There is no doubt that integrations of multiple systems can be accomplished to satisfy user requirements, but I believe organizations will come to expect fully integrated, upgradable solutions without hours of development and customization.

If you are interested in learning more about NetSuite, RSM offer a complimentary 14 day NetSuite trial.  Contact our professionals to learn more.

By: Chris Goguen – Massachusetts NetSuite Solution Provider

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