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By - August 29, 2014

Mobility and productivity have become a popular topic in today’s business world. NetSuite provides a solution to your business mobility needs with an iOS 7 iPhone application capable of accomplishing many key business tasks.

After enabling mobile access on the role level and downloading the free NetSuite app on an Apple iPhone, end users including sales reps, executives, and other key employees, will have the power and ease of NetSuite on-the-go and at the palm of their hands.

NetSuite’s iPhone app is specifically tailored for iOS 7 utilizing a straightforward user interface. The app features new lead creation, purchasing management, and many other functionalities [Figure 1.0]. Each user will have the in-app ability to track KPIs, create/edit/view records, and view reminders all in line with their role permissions in their NetSuite account without having to open a web browser.


[Figure 1.0] iOS 7 NetSuite App User Interface

Besides ease of use and productivity, the app also focuses on convenience. Employees are able to directly enter expenses while uploading receipt images as well as track their time. Because the app is downloaded and utilized on an employee’s iPhone, emails and phone calls are just a button-press away.

Implementing the NetSuite app for iPhone in your business can increase the productivity of employees and the ease of completing tasks on an Apple iPhone. Security is always a primary concern among confidential business data, so NetSuite has built all role permissions, encryption, and other security features which are enabled on the web-based system to be mirrored in the app.

Interested in going mobile with NetSuite? RSM is a nationally recognized NetSuite solution provider that can help you resolve your mobile needs with NetSuite. Contact us at or call 855.437.7202.

By: Chelsea Fedie – Minnesota NetSuite Solution Provider

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