NetSuite New 2023.2 Release Features: Ship Central

By - September 25, 2023

NetSuite New 2023.2 Release Features: Ship Central

NetSuite has released its new 2023.2 features enhancement sneak peeks scheduled to roll out starting August 2023. With the new enhancement, users are expected to see new features surrounding NetSuite Ship Central SuiteApp. These features aim to enhance the user experience on the mobile and the User Interface. This article will showcase the new features made to NetSuite Ship Central and how they can be utilized. The new features included are:

Item and Tare Weight Calculation for Cartons and Pallets

The new enhancement allows users to now activate the Calculate Default Carton Weight rule by location or by the process. This new feature will enable including the tare and item weights in the shipment total weight. The tare weight of a carton or pallet can be entered on the mobile app. In combination with the item weight maintained on the item record, the app calculates the pallet weight based on the weight of all the cartons you transfer to it and its tare weight.

New Weight Calculation Rule

Adding Tare Weight to Total Carton Weight






If the Enable Weighing Scale Support preference is enabled, Ship Central will apply the carton weight directly from the scale instead of the calculated weight.

Shipping Orders Packed Through the NetSuite UI or WMS

Previously, you can only ship orders that you pack using the Ship Central mobile app. Now, you can also ship orders that you pack directly through the NetSuite UI or WMS. To process orders packed through the NetSuite UI or WMS, you can tap the table icon in the browser similar to the mobile app. This will allow you to select ERP/WMS Packed Orders in the Select Orders/Shipments field.

Support for International Shipping and Documentation

The new NetSuite enhancement now will allow users to process packed orders that require international shipping via the mobile app. The following preferences can be set in NetSuite to enable NetSuite international order processing capabilities:

  • Enable International Shipping – If an account is set up with International Shipping, this preference will enable international shipping order processing on the app. This can be enabled at Setup > Accounting > Shipping, or using the Ship Central Manager role and go to Ship Central Setup > Ship Central Preference > Ship Central Preference.

  • Shipment Contents – Under Ship Central Preference, this preference enables you to identify or classify the contents for all international shipments.
  • Non-delivery Instructions – Under Ship Central Preference, this preference allow you to provide instructions on the shipping labels in case of non-delivery for your international shipments such as return to the sender.

  • Charge Tax To – This preference allows you to indicate related tax responsibilities to whether the Shipper or Recipient. This also requires you to provide the facility to set up tax identifiers.

  • Enable USPS Canada Delivered Duty Paid – Under Ship Central Preference, this preference allows you to indicate always apply delivered duty paid (DDP) shipping to orders shipped to Canada through USPS.
  • Print International Document – Users will have the option to Print Certificate such as Certificate of Origin or Commercial Invoice. This option will be hidden if the documents are submitted electronically to the carrier.

Support for Third Party Billing

If carriers support third party billing for your services, you can now set the Enable Third Party Billing preference for Third Party Billing on the app under Ship Central Preference. The third-party billing accounts must be set up to charge the shipping costs for your customers’ orders.

User Can Enabler 3rd Party Billing and Set Up 3rd Party Billing Account

New Shipping Label Preference

The following shipping preferences are new to Ship Central mobile app under Ship Central Preference:

  • Enable Return Labels – this preference allows you to print a return label using the address details for your organization. This feature can be voided.
  • Shipment Reference #2 and #3 – the new enhancement allows you to select up to two additional shipment references that appear on printed shipping labels. This preference is dependent on the carrier.
  • The carton ID or number is preconfigured as the first reference on shipping labels.
  • Print Default Logo – this preference syncs your NetSuite account with the ShipEngine to obtain the path to the default logo uploaded to your account. This allows you to print the default logo on shipping labels in NetSuite.

User Can Set Shipment Reference and Default Logo Printing Preference

  • Print Brand Name – Go to Setup > Packing System Rules > Packing System Rules > New Rule Configuration, this preference enables you to provide a brand name and print it on shipping labels instead of the sender’s name from the location record.

Adding Default Brand Name to Appear on Shipping Label

To learn more about NetSuite’s SCM and WMS release updates, and how you can leverage them, check out our NetSuite SCM & WMS: 2023.2 New Release Features guide or

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