NetSuite SCM & WMS: 2023.2 New Release Features

By - August 14, 2023

NetSuite has just released its 2023.2 new features preview for NetSuite WMS. These features enhance the user experience on the mobile and allows for additional customization within the User Interface. This article will showcase the new features made to NetSuite WMS and how they can be utilized. The new features included are:

  • Switching Roles in the Mobile Application
  • Transfer Table – Additional Column Data
  • Data Table Sorting
  • Action Buttons increased size
  • Wave Criteria Templates
  • Additional Pick Task Lines
  • Bulk Pick Task Assignments
  • Find PO by MPN
  • RMA – Flexibility to Restock


Switching Roles in the Mobile Application

In the Mobile Application, a user can now switch between roles directly in the mobile from the “Select Applications” page then selecting the hamburger menu icon:


Transfer Table – Additional Column Data

In the User Interface users can create saved searches for the desired data they want to pull into a table on the mobile. Once the search is created, navigate to Setup > Custom > Mobile – Applications. Once you are on this page choose the application, process, and page that you want your search to appear on:

Under “Custom Column Configuration” select the “+ symbol” to add the saved search you created:

The last step would be to add the custom column:

This will take you to a screen where you can enter the necessary criteria:

Data Sorting Tables

In the Mobile Application, users now can sort columns in real-time on Data tables, Multi-Selects, and Transfer Tables. These columns can be sorted in ascending or descending order, based on the user’s preference (customization is not needed):

Action Button Increased Size

Mobile Operations are able to enhance the size of text and action buttons on the mobile by updating the Application Settings in the user interface:

Wave Criteria Templates

Saved searches can now be utilized to narrow down orders that users want released in a wave to create a new wave release template. Users have the ability to edit existing wave criteria templates that were previously created. Restrict wave released based on the location set on the employee record. In order to create a new wave criteria template navigate to create a new wave > select new:

Additional Pick Task Lines

Under Setup > Accounting > Accounting Preferences > Order Management there is a new feature that now allows additional pick task columns:


Two new fields can now be passed to the picker on the pick task once enabled:

These additional fields can also be reflected on the mobile:

Bulk Pick Task Assignments

The new “Bulk Pick Task Assignment” page, displays the list of pick task

  • Pick Status: Pending, Ready, In Progress
  • Wave already released or
  • Wave Pending Release

Warehouse manager can now assign pickers for a single or bulk tasks:

Find PO by MPN

On item transactions, you are now able to search these items by MPN. On the PO receiving page there is a new menu to search for your PO by MPN:

RMA – Flexibility to Restock

When receiving in returns you now have the ability to restock returned items or not via the mobile handheld. First you will need to enable this preference by navigating to Setup > Accounting > Accounting Preferences > Order Management the feature will be housed under the returns section:

The new WMS System Rule “Enable Restock option for returns” also needs to be enabled in order to see the restock option once you are performing and RMA in the mobile:

When performing an RMA using this new feature you will see the ability to restock or not on the enter quantity screen:

To learn more about NetSuite’s SCM and WMS release updates and how you can leverage them, please contact our team!

I am a NetSuite Consultant in RSM US LLP’s managed technology consulting practice, where I focus on implementation. I have project experience implementing NetSuite in Consumer Products and Professional Services.

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