Generative AI coming to SFCC Page Designer

By - September 15, 2023

Salesforce announced generative AI is finally coming to Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC) B2C this week at Dreamforce 2023. We have all witnessed Salesforce pushing AI super hard this year. But at RSM, we are most excited that they are finally bringing real innovation to B2C by adding generative AI to Page Designer! Salesforce plans for a Beta release in February 2024.

For those of you new to the platform, Page Designer enhances the content management capabilities of the platform. It helps business users edit page layout on the fly with custom reusable components. However, it can still be a time-consuming process to design the components, build them, and then train users. This new feature shortens that cycle by using natural language prompts within Business Manager to build out new components and layouts.

SFRA and PWA-kit Support

Salesforce targets both SFRA and PWA-kit based storefronts with this feature. SFRA is the mobile first storefront developed a few years ago that about 65% of current SFCC customers are using while PWA-kit is the latest starter storefront. Also called Composable Storefront, it uses a headless, React based front end architecture. This decouples the front end from the back end allowing flexibility and speed in innovation. Only about 1% of SFCC customers have implemented this architecture, according to our research.

The Demo

These screenshots from the Commerce Keynote demo provide some real context. This shows a business user interacting with Einstein describing what kind of component they want:

Salesforce Commerce Cloud Business Manager Page Designer tool showing the creation of a component using natural language with generative AI


This screenshot shows the output code – note the React and ISML tabs, very exciting!

Salesforce Commerce Cloud B2C Business Manager Page Designer tool showing React code created by generative AI


You can see these from the Ecommerce Keynote on Salesforce+, and there’s a shorter demo in See What Commerce AI Can Do For You, also on Salesforce+.

Cautiously Optimistic

Obviously, the devil will be in the details on this, but we at RSM are still very excited about this because it shows SFCC is still investing in the B2C platform. Furthermore, this innovation will continue to help customers use the built-in content management system with a composable architecture. Customers are not forced to bring a 3rd party CMS just because they want to take advantage of the new storefront. You can join the pilot program for this initiative by contacting your Account Executive.

Take Advantage

If you are curious about how to add Page Designer to your storefront, or what the best practices in content management are, please contact RSM today. If you are considering upgrading from an older storefront to enable Page Designer, you might consider the top 3 concerns of customers looking to upgrade. You may also want to read about some of the real world results of upgrades to PWA-kit.

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Lawrence Walters leads the Salesforce Commerce Cloud practice helping retailers achieve digital commerce success through faster growth, improved omnichannel experiences, international expansion and streamlined digital marketing operations on the leading cloud based ecommerce platform for medium to large retailers. RSM’s practice provides both implementations for clients new to the platform as well as consulting and managed services for those already on Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

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