NetSuite Saved Search Tutorial

By - September 11, 2013

NetSuite’s Saved Searches allow users to develop reusable custom reports that link directly to business information whether it be sales, inventory, or finance. In this three-part series, RSM demonstrates how NetSuite’s Saved Search capabilities can be used to track incoming shipments.


Part 1 – Building Saved Searches: Guides you through setting up a NetSuite Saved Search.


Part 2 – Adding Highlights and Filters: Highlighting allows users to quickly see which business transactions need their attention. Filters let users change selection criteria on the fly.


Part 3 – Summaries and adding to Dashboards – Summaries allow you to group and total business information. Adding a Saved Search to your home page gives you immediate access to your essential business insights your need to make your company more successful.


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