NetSuite Saved Searches — Part 1: Data extraction

By - December 10, 2012

Have you wondered how you can improve the balance between amount of time spent on preparing and the amount of time spent analyzing data?  In my pre-cloud consulting days, a client CFO said that he and his finance team are spending 70% of their time preparing data for month-end reporting and 30%, analyzing with their disparate systems.  His major issue was that he knew that it should be reversed; he should be spending 30% preparing and 70% analyzing.  NetSuite’s Saved Searches (my number one NetSuite wow factor, Dashboard being number two) leverages the one database structure and provides reporting and tracking that can serve as the basis for business analysis and strategic decision-making. 

A Saved Search is a reusable search definition that can have many advanced search filters and results display options.  Saved Searches come with many bells and whistles.  You can share search results with other users, have  results be sent automatically by email to selected recipients, search results can be sent via email at scheduled intervals and/or when results are updated without needing to rerun the search. Finally saved searches can be exported in Excel, CSV, and PDF formats, among others.

Here is an example of a transaction Saved Search, list of Sales Orders:

Transaction Saved Search, List of Sales Orders


For transaction searches, filter transaction Type (i.e. Order) in the Criteria tab and set Main Line to Yes to display the transaction summary information.

NetSuite Saved Transaction Search

In my next post for Sensible Saved Searches I will build on the Sales Order search with other nifty functionalities and tips.

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By: Kei Mou – California NetSuite Solution Provider

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