NetSuite sensible saved searches — Part 2: Grouping and summarizing

By - August 15, 2013

Most commercial systems have the ability to extract valuable data from your ERP/CRM databases through reports and exports to spreadsheets and productivity tools to enhance your analysis and planning.  Wouldn’t it be nice, or, wouldn’t it be more efficient and more effective if you could have the data you need in the format you need straight out of the system that you’re using?

In Part 1, NetSuite’s Saved Searches: Data extraction, we saw that saved searches can provide you with data extraction.  In the example we used, all Sales Orders were listed.  What if the Sales Manager wanted to see the total Sales Orders by month and then also see the details for each month?  In NetSuite, you can configure the Search Results to show in various formats.  When you group by the Date field and sum the Amount field, Sales Orders can be grouped and totaled by month.



NetSuite’s built-in drilldown feature will allow you to drill into the details.  In this example, by clicking on the 2012-11 link, detail list of 2012-11 Sales Orders are listed, and you can further see the transaction details by clicking on the Sales Order number.


Tip:   You can configure the drill down data in the Drill Down Fields subtab.  You can also give custom lables to show as the column names by entering labels in the Custom Label and Summary Label columns.


In my next post for Sensible Saved Searches, I will continue to build on the Sales Order search with other nifty functionalities and tips.

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