NetSuite sensible saved searches – Part 3: Highlighting and filters

By - February 6, 2014

In the non-virtual world when an items needs emphasis or a flag to remind, we often use markers such as highlighters and flags to help us identify them easily.  This allows us to identify areas that need attention at a glance rather than spending the time and energy delving into the details.

In Part 2, we saw that NetSuite’s Saved Searches can provide you with summarized data, for example, total Sales Orders by month, and then also see the details for each month.

Given that same example but also using the filter and highlight functions, a possible scenario may be that as part of the sales team meeting, the sales managers also need to identify which sales reps have less than $50,000 in a given period.  For easier visibility, the information should be highlighted, with a different font color, and flagged.

sensible saved 1

Using NetSuite’s Saved Searches, this can be easily accomplished by adding conditions to the Highlighting section.  Because the criteria should be set on the total sales, not by individual sales, Highlighting (Summary) subtab should be used: sensible saved search 2

Without adding a date filter, the results will show all transactions.  Filters can be added in two ways, fixed, or dynamic by user input.  By adding a date range in the Criteria tab of the Saved Search, you are specifying a fixed period every time the Saved Search is run.

sensible saved searches 3a

Instead of adding a date criteria, by adding a date range and checking the Show in Footer checkbox in the Available Filters tab of the Saved Search, you are specifying a dynamic date range, based on user input.

sensible saved search 3

In my next post for Sensible Saved Searches, I will continue to build on the Sales Order search with other nifty functionalities and tips.  However, if you have any customization needs now, the professionals at RSM can help.  We are a NetSuite Solution Provider and a NetSuite Systems Integrator partner, and have more than 30 years experience implementing ERP solution.  We’ll provide you with industry insight, project management and the technical resources your organization needs to make your project a success.  Contact us today at or by phone at 855.437.7202.

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