NetSuite SRP – Project Management Using Generic Resources

By - September 23, 2015

Generic Resources are used as place holders until specific resources are identified when project managers and resources planning a project.

This feature enables resource allocations and task assignments until a specific project resource is identified.

To create a Generic resource navigate to Lists > Employees > Generic Resources > New

  1. Name the Generic Resource, typically a role like consultant or project manager.
  2. Select a billing class created for this resource role, which also has an associated bill rate.
  3. Enter a work calendar or accept the default work calendar.
  4. Save

NetSuite SRP 1

NetSuite SRP 2

The Generic resource is now available for resource allocations and task assignments.

Here is a task assignment where the Generic resource and the related billing class are selected. The unit price defaults from the billing class selection.

The unit cost can be entered when the Generic resource, if not it will be required at the time of task assignment.

NetSuite SRP 3

The Generic resource allows the project manager to produce revenue, costs and work estimates. Generic resources can also be used to in project templates thus making project creation more efficient.

To learn more about NetSuite SRP or other information about NetSuite please contact the RSM NetSuite practice at or by phone at 855.437.7202.

By: Tammy Hollingsworth – Illinois NetSuite Solution Provider

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