NetSuite WMS: 2023.1 New Release Features

By - July 12, 2023

NetSuite recently rolled out the new 2023.1 release for WMS, which will make enhancements for how inventory is managed within warehouses. This article will highlight the changes made to NetSuite WMS and how they can be utilized for your company needs. The 2023.1 NetSuite WMS New Release Features are:

  • Multi-Level Kit Support
  • Bin Reporting/Blocking
  • Partial Picking Automation
  • HIBC Barcode Scanning

Multi-Level Kit Support:

Kits are defined as a group of individual items that can be packaged together to form one large item, or a kit. In some cases, there can be a parent level kit which then has a component kit. The new release will now allow multi-level kits to be released in the same wave.

In this example, the Soccer Start-Up Bundle would be Kit 1 and Soccer Jersey Package would be Kit 2. A Sales Order for the Soccer Start-Up Bundle would release the Soccer Ball, Soccer Shirt, Soccer Shorts, and Soccer Socks as pick tasks on the same wave, not needing a separate wave for each kit.

Bin Reporting and Blocking:

Prior to this release, if pickers were to go to a bin and the inventory was not there, the only option was to click ‘Bin Empty’.

With the new release, the picker will now have the chance to block a bin from being used. In order to set-up bin blocking, you must:

  1. Enable the system rule: ‘Enable Bin Reporting and Blocking’
  2. Set-Up Email Configuration in Custom Preferences
    1. You can set a primary and secondary recipient for when a bin is blocked
  3. Set-Up Damaged Reason Codes for why the bin is being blocked
    1. The specified recipients will see the reason code for why the bin is blocked and who blocked the bin

Partial Picking Automation:

Pick Tasks are line items from Sales Orders that get sent to NetSuite WMS as part of a wave to be picked by the pickers on the warehouse floor. In the event that there was not enough of inventory available, the line item might need to be partially picked. Before the new release, in order to mark pick tasks as done, you would have to go to the User Interface and select from a list of pick tasks that you want to be marked as completed and will be short shipped.

Now, mobile operators will be allowed to mark open picks as done directly from their WMS mobile handheld device. In order for this to happen, you must enable the system rule ‘Automatically mark partial picks as Done’. Any staged partially picked line item will be considered completed.

HIBC Barcode Scanning:

Due to specific requirements within the Medical and Health industry, barcode scanning had not been available for medical products. The 2023.1 new release now allows for Code 128 and Data Matrix Bar Code formats to be scanned. A system rule, ‘Advanced Barcode Scanning’, must be enabled for this process to be active.

All HIBC Barcodes are configured with:

  • A plus sign to begin the code
  • 4-digit alphanumeric Labeler ID Code to signify who was the vendor
  • Item Name
  • Lot Number
  • Expiration Date
  • Quantity associated with that barcode

How to Prepare for NetSuite New Releases:

When new releases are close to be rolled out to production accounts, it is best to test if there will be any potential impact to your current set-up in the new release preview accounts that NetSuite provides. The release preview accounts act as your NetSuite environment but with the new changes, so running tests will be beneficial to catch any changes that could have happened to your configuration and prevent any long-term impacts from going unnoticed.

As the 2023.1 New Release gets introduced and added to NetSuite WMS systems on specific dates, your current configuration might experience errors as a result. If you do notice any changes to your set-up, please read this article on how to handle them here: How to Handle NetSuite WMS New Release Errors

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