Optimize and Empower Your Transactions with NetSuite Advanced PDF

By - June 2, 2021

Your outgoing transaction documents should look exactly the way you want them to. Representing professionalism, increasing usability, and transforming how information is presented are all areas where your documents should be doing the work for you. NetSuite’s Advanced PDF is the key to accessing all of the tools necessary to accomplish this.

In the next few segments, we’ll outline some of the most often requested and utilized functions of NetSuite’s Advanced PDF. Still, there are many capabilities of Advanced PDF that aren’t listed below. Essentially any manipulation of the data stored on a NetSuite transaction record can be executed on the PDF printout, providing users with extensive control over what is shown on the PDF compared to what is actually shown on the user end.

If you have any questions about the additional capabilities of NetSuite’s Advanced PDF, or a problem that you’re not sure could be solved by this approach, please reach out and we can quickly determine the best solution for you.

“If, then” Conditional Logic – Utilized when information needs to be shown, hidden, or adjusted based on other elements of the transaction

  • A remittance information table that should show different routing numbers based on which subsidiary the transaction is from
  • An item being sold should show the month it applies to if it has one
  • Subsidiary Information

Item Grouping – Often it’s useful to group, subtotal, or otherwise organize items in a way that makes the customer-facing document more legible to the client, or hides certain information that isn’t intended for them

  • Elements of a software package show the financial breakdown on the user-end, but set the PDF to combine all similar elements under one “Software Package A” name or similar and show only a single price
  • Subtotal items by category or location
  • Create multiple tables with items of a specific type being directed to each one, as opposed to a single all-items table

Formatting and Design – Any graphics, logos, colors, fonts, etc. are able to be added to the document

  • The header should have a background graphic or different logo based on subsidiary
  • Tables should have bolded names or colored outlines
  • Font sizes and spacing needs to be updated
  • Apply a “void” watermark to canceled transactions

Additional Information – Any information not already shown on the PDF, but present on the transaction, can easily be added

  • Information specific to the item that is being sold
  • Customized fields to hold certain ID numbers
  • Information from the applicable customer

Challenge Us

  • What intelligent logic or representation would you like to see in your documentation that you don’t see here? Let us know, it might even make its way back to this page.



 NetSuite Standard Sales Order  

NetSuite Advanced Sales Order

Fully Updated Advanced Sales Order


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