Printing in Landscape Using Advanced PDFs

By - August 3, 2017

In NetSuite, there is a universal preference that determines if your transactions print portrait or landscape. If you go to Setup -> Company -> Printing & Fax Preferences -> Printing, under the Transactions group, there is a check box for Print Transactions Forms Landscape. This changes how all transactions are printed – but what if you need to set just a specific transaction to print landscape?

“We need all our forms to print in portrait – except one”

At one of our clients, they required that all of their customer facing documents print portrait (sales orders, invoices, credit memos, etc). However, they also required that their Purchase Orders print in landscape. The items they are ordering from their vendors have complex names and descriptions that, when printed in portrait mode, resulted in the lines of the PO wrapping and being difficult to read.
To meet this requirement, we had to research the options available when using the Advanced PDF/HTML Templates. These templates are based on a PDF generation library Big Faceless from Looking through the documentation for this library, we discovered that there are a number of options you can set for page layout of a PDF – including the option of printing in landscape.
In the PDF template, there is the following line:
<body header="nlheader" header-height="10%" footer="nlfooter" footer-height="20pt" padding="0.5in" size="Letter">

To print in landscape, we made this simple change:
<body header="nlheader" header-height="10%" footer="nlfooter" footer-height="20pt" padding="0.5in" size="Letter-LANDSCAPE">

Now we are able to leave the preference in the system so that transactions in general print in portrait, but  have this one transaction print landscape.
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 By – Steve Kemler

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