Quick Date Selector in NetSuite

By - March 4, 2014

A nice feature in NetSuite is being able to create useful dashboards.  The dashboard allows you to be able to see and measure your business performance.

The Quick Date Selector is a portlet you can add to your dashboard to be able to change all the dates of the KPI portlets on your dashboard.   This will allow you to quickly ensure that the data you are seeing is over the same time period.


You can always resort back to the individual settings for each KPI by selecting Use my settings.  Some things to keep in mind when using the quick date selector:

  • By default the second comparison will be set as to date to keep periods even
  • Also changes the dates for custom KPIs that are configured to compare
  • Will not show time periods smaller than those available for that KPI, for example period is the smallest time frame that can be used for Sales, so when select this week vs last week will still show this period vs last period
  • The settings in this portlet is used for the results in email alerts by default, can be turned off under preferences

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By: Kelsey Cantrell – Illinois NetSuite Solutions Provider


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