Recent Email Preference Change in NetSuite’s Purchase Order Approval Routing

By - October 29, 2014

NetSuite has very recently changed the default settings for Purchase Order Approval Routing. Your account may be unknowingly sending unapproved Purchase Orders to your vendors! Previously, enabling purchase order approval routing would suspend the functionality of the standard ‘To Be Emailed’ field on a purchase order. The idea behind this suspension of functionality is that a custom workflow would be created to send an email after PO approval, not directly after submitting a new PO.

Now, NetSuite allows you to choose if the ‘To Be Emailed’ field’s functionality will be suspended. The catch is that you must make a change in your account! Not making a change could result in unapproved POs being sent to vendors when a new PO is entered.

To check if your account is using PO approval routing, Administrators should follow these steps:

  1. Check if your account has PO Approval Routing enabled: Setup > Accounting > Accounting Preferences > Approval Routing.
  2. If Purchase Order approval routing is used in your account, determine if POs are emailed to vendors via a workflow (likely the case).
  3. If POs are emailed to vendors via workflow, change the preference “ALLOW DEFAULT EMAIL ON PURCHASE ORDERS USING SUITEFLOW APPROVAL ROUTING” to ‘Do Not Allow’. This preference can be found at: Setup > Accounting > Accounting Preferences > Order Management > Purchasing.
  4. Even if the preference is set to ‘Do Not Allow’, change the preference to ‘Warn’, save and then change the preference back to ‘Do Not Allow’. The system currently doesn’t recognize the preference until a selection is made manually.


Approval Routing – Check Your Account

Purchase Order Approval Routing


New Order Management Preference

Order Management Preference


If you have any questions about your account setup or this change to purchase order routing, please contact RSM at or by phone at 855.437.7202. RSM is a nationally recognized NetSuite partner with certified consultants across the country. We can can help your organization optimize your NetSuite solution to achieve your long-term vision.

By: Tyler Cronk – Minnesota NetSuite Solution Provider

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