How sales managers gain insight into their sales team’s productivity using NetSuite CRM

By - January 20, 2015

A much underrated tool in NetSuite that clients quickly skip over with their consultants during implementation is the CRM activities functionality in NetSuite. While companies generally think it’s nice to know that this functionality exists, they typically don’t understand the reporting capabilities behind the activities feature. This is especially true on the sales side of the business.

Sales managers want to see what their sales reps are doing on a daily basis, whether it is the cold calls the reps have made, the meetings they have attended, the tasks they have accomplished, or even just what is going on their calendar from a day-to-day basis. All of this can be done through simple activity reporting in NetSuite. By simply creating a custom checkbox field on the phone call form for cold calls, a report can be created that gives sales managers direct insight into how many cold calls were made that day by all of their sales reps. By making the customer field required on the phone call form, phone calls can even be directly tied to leads, prospects, and customers. A report can be emailed to the sales managers on a daily basis showing exactly how many cold calls were made that day, who they were made to, and who they were made by. By comparing these daily reports to actual sales from reps, sales managers can determine if there is a correlation between volume of cold calls made and volume of sales by sales rep, or if cold calling is an outdated sales technique that is not longer viable for their industry.

Sales Activity Report

There are many components to an ERP and CRM implementation and it is necessary to think through all of the possible reporting and processes that will come with your software. RSM has helped thousands of customers successfully go-live with their software implementation. For questions on implementing this specific functionality or for questions on any other topic related to NetSuite, please contact us at or by phone at 855.437.7202.

By: Bharat Chandu – Virginia NetSuite Solution Provider

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