Test Scenarios for your NetSuite Implementation

By - October 15, 2014

TEST SCENARIOS – Get a complete list of TEST Scenarios for your NetSuite implementation – Use the NetSuite Implementation Bundle #39609 to track your project tasks, milestones, issues, and test scenarios.

Have you ever needed a complete list of test scenarios for testing a particular process? Always looking at incomplete lists from previous implementations and not sure what may have been deleted from the list?

Now you can get the complete list for your testing, by process – Record to Report, Design to Build, Procure to Pay, etc. This bundle allows you to track the overall process of your implementation project. Use those areas in this bundle as needed. This blog focuses on the test scenarios.

To get these features in your NetSuite account:

Install NetSuite Bundle #36909

You will have a new tab ‘Implementation’ in your menu bar. See the screen shots below.

Test Scenarios for NetSuite Implemenation 1

Test Scenarios for NetSuite Implemenation 2

You can click on ‘Edit View.’

Test Scenarios for NetSuite Implemenation 3

Then list the fields you want to display and to import to a CSV file.

Test Scenarios for NetSuite Implemenation 4

After saving the changes, you can export to a CSV file.

Here is a sample for ‘Record to Report.’   Notice the ‘Process’ at the bottom left is ‘Record to Report.’

Test Scenarios for NetSuite Implemenation 5

Interested in learning more about this implementation bundle? RSM is a recognized NetSuite Solution Provider willing and able to help keep you and your users informed! Please contact RSM at erp@rsmus.com or at 855.437.7202

By: Brenda Moore – Colorado NetSuite Solution Provider

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