Testing for Empty Image Fields with NetSuite Saved Searches

By - April 25, 2016

Many companies that sell products want to store images of these products on their NetSuite item record.  When these images are used to feed other market places, such as eBay, Amazon, or others, it can be critical to ensure that no items have empty image fields.

If you’ve used NetSuite saved searches in the past you may be saying “sounds like a simple task using the criteria tab.”  Well, hold on.

I just attempted to add a criteria line to test if a field called “Image 1” is empty or NULL and ran into the following issue.

Image 1 field

When clicking the “Set Description” icon next to the field I was presented with the following screens.

Any or None Of

Image Selection List

As you can see, there is no option to select based on a value of “- None -” or “is empty” like you can with some fields.  Instead, all you can do is select an image that is already in the File Cabinet.

Here are the options given when adding a regular text field as a Criteria line.

Mfg Selection

To get around this limitation with Image type fields, I used a Formula (Numeric) field on the Criteria tab as opposed to the actual image field name.

The formula used is a very simple Case statement as shown below.

Case Statement

If the “Image 1” field is empty then the Case statement resolves to 1, resulting in the criteria line resolving to True.

My search will now show me all items with an “Image 1” field that is empty/NULL, as shown below.

Final Search Result


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By: Gary Leitner – Colorado NetSuite Solution Provider


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