Intelligent GL Outlier Detection is Digital Transformation

By - January 13, 2022

Sage Intacct Intelligent GL already provides extensive visibility, scalability, and flexibility companies need to grow their business. Outlier Detection for GL is part of CORE functionality in your Sage approval process. Transforming productivity, artificial intelligence (AI) frees your team from manual effort and errors.

Here are six ways GL Outlier Detection will turn transaction patterns into reliable approval process accuracy, giving your company the benefits of time and productivity.

  1. Automatically find errors
    Machine Learning service uses your historical transaction patterns, evaluates current transactions in the approval cycle, and flags transitions that do not match. Notifications give your approver another proactive tool to catch costly errors, regardless of size.
  2. Individual modeling
    With GL Outlier Detection, your company’s specific data converts into transaction patterns. As more data accumulates, your responses to outlier notifications learn and strengthen future patterns. Outlier detection reviews thousands of GL transactions that detect anomalies in your journal entries.
  3. Improved control measures
    Old manual approval processes handled entirely by a GL journal entry approver is prone to error and oversights. The AI-powered functionality provides a solution to missed detections with indicator alerts when something looks out of the ordinary.
  4. Improved accuracy in journal entries
    Machine Learning automatically recognizes anomalies in your journal entries. You can adjust allocations when you receive new data. Your team will trust the accuracy of data and prioritize reviews based on the highest risk.
  5. Continuous updating
    GL outlier detection learns from your responses and adjusts evaluations based on them. This responsive functionality speeds up close processes so that your data is always up to date. With a continuous consolidation of your financials, AI prepares you with trusted data ready for reporting and analysis.
  6. Continuous insights
    When your transactions automatically validate, you can trust the numbers. They enhance your team performance with visually supported dashboards and performance cards. Team members can schedule reports to identify potential risks.

Like many businesses today, our clients want to transform their business strategy and processes to make flexible and up-to-date decisions. They want to free the team of error-prone manual tasks. Therefore, Sage Intacct Intelligent GL is the continuous accounting solution delivering time savings and trust for accuracy and compliance.

Let the professionals at RSM answer your questions about how Intelligent GL can help drive your business’s digital transformation.

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