Review of Upcoming Automation Improvements and Enhancements with Sage Intacct

By - January 13, 2022

Upcoming Automation Improvements and Enhancements with Sage Intacct

The digital age has made a profound difference in accounting software solutions. Some of the biggest effects come from the services provided by the best-in-class powerhouse, Sage Intacct. Time savings and increased productivity are at the top of your benefits with modern accounting system improvements and enhancements. Here are three ways your company can experience increased functionality and improved accuracy.

Machine Learning

Sage Intacct is continuing to improve your automated GL activity. Through Intelligent GL, the AI and Machine Learning capabilities highlight the automation functionality. Just like most businesses, your company strives for agile, data-driven decisions free of routine repetitive tasks. Machine Learning capabilities will empower your team with active insights. The intelligent GL delivers continuous accounting to reduce the close, so the books are always ready for reporting. This feature will deliver accuracy and compliance from your transactional system of record with a user-friendly process.

With the elimination of manual entry, continuous accounting will give your business real-time data. The up-to-date auto adjustments are as accurate as possible. You can automatically adjust allocations when you receive new data.

Machine Learning detects anomalies, once reserved as a time-consuming manual activity. An automatic experience provides reliability and efficiency for prioritization of risk. Performance and productivity statuses are available immediately on dashboards. Performance cards direct your attention to areas of need. Your team will experience greater insight and opportunities with the trust of Intelligent GL.

AP Cloud

Sage Intacct is building two key capabilities to streamline the AP workflow.

Key #1. With Sage Intacct’s Sync Integration, your digital invoice automatically integrates with the vendor through the digital network. With a seamless connection set up, your associated projects and tasks will sync workflows. Labor charge fields update and sync for an accurate up-to-date result. Sync Integration simplifies the process and increases productivity with reliable accuracy.

Key #2. Corporate spending innovation (CSI) streamlines the process and eliminates multiple different payment runs, cut checks, and ACH uploads. AP staff spend most of their time on transaction processing activities. Automated processes not only save staff time by elimination of manual entry processes but save your business in processing costs. The experience of faster processing cycle through workflow approvals and payments to payment decisioning and reconciliation with reporting.

With a basic setup, you can easily trigger payment automation. A custom filter polls approved invoices to be paid through CSI pay systems, then selects the bills to include and pay. In CSI pay systems, your team can review, remove, postpone, and approve batch details. When you use open integration to connect other applications, download bank and credit card transactions from over 10,000 banks worldwide or use AI to speed up project-based time entry. Sage Intacct will automate disbursements and send payments to suppliers. Your team has a full view of processor status for each invoice or bill. CSI integration handles your AP and bill payment from your computer, tablet, or smartphone, ensuring reliable processes.

Mobile Services and Time Savings

Besides current web-based mobile approval and time entry functionality, the mobile app will feature a homepage dashboard, giving you the same valuable access as your desktop. The mobile app will support expense entry and route expenses to the approver. Whether you need to execute payment approval workflows, report, gain visibility, or perform reconciliation, we see the web-based mobile app functionality as an opportunity for cash flow and time savings. Your team can put an end to lost invoices, lost time entries, and old data. Approvers like the mobile service application for streamlined approval workflows that you can soft close as frequently as you like. Sage Intacct, the preferred cloud financial management solution, is always looking for new ways to improve and streamline features to meet client needs.

Sage Intacct has over 20 years of experience as a leader in cloud accounting and finance. Looking forward, Sage Intacct commits to continuing to provide a best-in-class experience through its enhancements in areas such as Machine Learning, GL and AP automation, Mobile Services, and more. Whether you are just considering Sage Intacct as your future ERP, or you are already experiencing the benefits of Sage Intacct, RSM can guide you on your journey by implementing, enhancing, or optimizing your existing Sage Intacct environment.

Contact the RSM team with questions on how Sage Intacct improvements and enhancements can help with your business goals.

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