Sage Intacct 2020 R3 highlights: credit card feeds, inactivity reminders, and more

By - November 3, 2020

With each quarterly Sage Intacct release, there is a lot to get excited about. This is especially true for 2020 Release 3, which includes new features and improvements to save your company time and help you work more efficiently.

The highlights of Intacct’s 2020 Release 3 include:

Credit Card Feeds

In 2020 Release 1, electronic bank feeds were introduced in cash management, allowing you to connect your bank account directly to Intacct. In the new release, that feature has been extended to include credit cards. Use Sage Cloud Services to add your credit card accounts and your credit card transactions will flow right into Intacct. They will be automatically matched to what’s already in the system, allowing your company to cut down on reconciliation time.

The new Credit Card Reconciliation can now manage large numbers of transactions to further streamline month-end closes. You can expect the same easy-to-use filtering, sorting and pagination that you’ve come to know in bank reconciliation.

Reminders to Save Your Work

Employees who spend long periods of time putting information into Intacct will appreciate a user experience update that is part of 2020 Release 3. As you’re working, Intacct does not save your files automatically. Whether you’re putting in journal entries, paying bills or printing checks, you have to remember to save everything as you go along. But when you’re inactive in the system for a certain amount of time (this timeout duration differs from company to company), you are logged out of Intacct automatically.

Before 2020 Release 3, if you were in the middle of adding 50 transactions and you hadn’t saved your work, you would lose all of those changes without notice. Now, a new timeout warning pop-up window will remind you that your session in Intacct is about to end due to inactivity and that you should save your work and/or continue working before you’re logged out.

A Way to Pinpoint the Location of Inventory

For companies that subscribe to Intacct Inventory Control, Order Entry and Purchasing, this release includes advanced bin tracking that can help locate items in a warehouse more quickly and precisely. Rather than classifying items by aisles, rows and bins or some combination of the three, the bins have been updated to show the specific location of items so users can see exactly where everything is.

Here’s how it works — by associating a bin to a particular warehouse, you can then assign zone, aisle, row and face elements to it. Each of these attributes is optional, so you can use the ones that fit your organization best. Next, you can create a coordinate system to tell you exactly where each bin is positioned in your warehouse. With a strong naming convention, you can indicate which ones are for storage and which ones are for picking.

Improvements to Salesforce Integration for Nonprofits

As part of the Intacct integration with Salesforce, 2020 Release 3 also continues the early adopter program for the Advanced CRM Integration for Nonprofits. Early adopters are offering feedback that will be used to refine and expand the continued development of the nonprofit Salesforce integration.

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