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By - February 23, 2023

Earlier this year, Shopify made a significant move towards the upper end of enterprise eCommerce with the launch of Commerce Components by Shopify (CCS). But what is CCS and how can it benefit businesses? In this article, we’ll explore what Commerce Components by Shopify is and how it can be best used to achieve business goals. 

Commerce Components by Shopify is a modern, composable technology stack that allows retailers to integrate components of Shopify’s proven commerce platform with their own systems. This enables businesses to take advantage of the best of both worlds – the power of Shopify’s commerce platform and the flexibility of their own custom systems. 

For high-volume retailers with multiple brands, complex systems, and customers who demand an exceptional brand experience, monolithic digital retail is no longer sufficient. Instead, businesses typically use a selection of “best-of-breed” components, which are woven together with custom code and middleware solutions like Boomi or Power Automate. However, this architecture is time-consuming to deploy and can be difficult to replace in its entirety. This often leads to an ever-growing technical debt that hinders the ability to innovate and continue to delight customers. 

Shopify’s Commerce Components addresses these challenges by offering an a la carte selection of technologies that can be easily integrated into an existing technology stack. Businesses can set up a modern high-performance cart and attach it to their existing content management system (CMS) or enable real-time integration with an external manufacturing or warehouse management system (WMS) via Shopify APIs that are not throttled. Replacing parts of a monolith with a modular component follows the best practices of transitioning to a services architecture, and Shopify has effectively provided a path to do just that with Commerce Components. 

It’s important to note that not every business will need Commerce Components. Shopify’s current market footprint, with over 10% of all digital sales happening on the platform, means that it can already address a large share of the market. CCS is designed for businesses that need to combine components with custom or third-party systems, have API throttling limits, and may be transitioning to omnichannel headless systems that go beyond the web. If you’re unsure whether Commerce Components are right for your business, speaking with an expert like RSM can help you evaluate your options. 

Shopify Commerce Components is a game-changing technology that provides businesses with a flexible, modular solution for enterprise eCommerce. By integrating Shopify’s proven commerce platform with their own custom systems, businesses can fast-track their ability to deliver an exceptional customer experience. As the eCommerce landscape continues to evolve, Commerce Components by Shopify is poised to become an essential tool for businesses looking to stay ahead of the curve. Contact RSM to learn more about Shopify Commerce Components and how it can help solve your digital challenges. 

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