Why NetSuite for Construction? Part 1

By - August 2, 2023

Part 1: Automation

Some of the key benefits of an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) in Construction

Why are so many companies looking to move to an ERP software within the construction industry?

One word: Automation

Automation is transforming the world’s businesses and everyday life on a large scale. As companies are rapidly adopting ERP software, construction companies are no different.

Owners, General Contractors, Specialty, and Sub Contractors are needing to adapt to the new technology shift because the size of the business has become irrelevant as no construction company can ignore the benefits of a Construction ERP and they would hardly survive without adapting in the industry.

So how does NetSuite for Construction help with automation?

The days of using separate software for construction operations and project management are rapidly ending. Construction companies are consolidating and integrating all software into one seamless solution.

NetSuite for Construction systematically integrates and automates estimation, scheduling, risk management, quality and safety, field management, financials, and more that will eliminate duplicate data entry and open all lines of communication both upstream and downstream.

Drilling down into how NetSuite for Construction optimizes automation, let us talk project planning.

Project planning is the heart and soul of construction companies. NetSuite for Construction aids in standardizing each process from bidding to substantial completion; without this your construction business may continue to suffer with the shuffle of excel spreadsheets, texts, and phone calls.

NetSuite for Construction solves for the automation of your new predefined operational plans and project delivery schedules which helps you allocate proper resources and materials to stay on budget, schedule, and making a profit. This will become increasingly impossible to attain with manual process as construction companies continue to evolve, so why not now?

You need NetSuite for Construction’s ERP solution to help you automate your project management resources and budgetary allocations to be competitive in this modern technology driven age.

For more information check out this link to dial in on details and tool selection.

Contact our team today to get started optimizing automation by leveraging NetSuite for Construction. 

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