Empowering Nonprofits: How Microsoft’s Cloud Solutions and RSM’s Advisors are Driving Digital Transformation

By - April 19, 2023

The nonprofit industry has undergone a significant digital transformation in recent years, with an estimated value of over $50 billion. Much of this transformation is focused on the operations, IT, and security center, with over $22 billion invested in these areas. Another significant investment area is fundraising and marketing, with online giving and digital payments presenting a massive opportunity for nonprofits.










To address the unique needs and challenges of the nonprofit industry, Microsoft is evolving to better serve these organizations. They are shifting from a house of brands to a branded house, building solutions that nonprofits can implement to support all areas of their business. This includes the Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit, covering everything from donor management to program delivery, audience engagement, finance, and operations.


This new model provides a product roadmap allowing nonprofits to slowly plan their digital transformation journey. Organizations can use Microsoft’s technologies to innovate and scale while growing their mission, starting with the CIO/COO and moving to the CDO, CMO, and CPO.





The Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit is a bold vision that unifies the power of Microsoft technologies. By leveraging this solution, nonprofits can attract, retain, and grow donors, deliver programs on time and scale, reach and engage audiences, and create seamless and secure finance and operations.

Microsoft has partnered with RSM, a leading audit, tax, and consulting services provider, to further support nonprofits on their digital transformation journey. As a result, RSM was named Microsoft’s 2022 Nonprofit Partner of the Year and is uniquely qualified to help organizations along this journey.




In conclusion, Microsoft’s focus on the nonprofit industry shows its commitment to providing comprehensive solutions that meet the unique needs of these organizations. By leveraging the Microsoft Cloud for nonprofits and working with partners like RSM, nonprofits can achieve their mission and continue to make a difference in their communities.

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