Harnessing Digital Strategies to Break Down Nonprofit Silos

By - February 15, 2022

Modern nonprofits understand that cross-program initiatives are key to promote fundraising efforts, rally volunteers, and reach previously untouchable donor segments. These initiatives typically begin with everyone on board; however, times arise when program areas get caught up in their own sphere. Silos can lead to low morale amongst employees and negatively affect fundraising and engagement efforts. Fortunately for nonprofits, a sound digital strategy can break down these walls.

Strategic management and technology infrastructure are critical to a successful digital strategy and inform how nonprofits navigate a loud digital environment. According to the 2019 Nonprofit Trends Report, 85% of nonprofits said that technology was the key to the success of their organization. Over the last 12 months, 36% of nonprofits reported that they invested in innovative technology, including customer relationship management (CRM) and analytic software. Among those who made the investment, 87% reported it as impactful to the success of their organization. If program areas become siloed, they risk losing focus, dampening productivity, and suppressing innovation by discouraging teams to communicate perspectives and share important insights. Worse than that, digital strategies rarely survive in a siloed organization.

RSM professionals understand the importance of a personalized digital strategy. Each nonprofit faces unique, complex operational challenges, and our practice has the tools and experience to help nonprofits reach their immediate and long-term goals.

Strategic and management consulting teams offer assessments and recommendations across nonprofit operations, including strategic planning, system selection and implementation, intelligent automation, and transformation program management. Technology consulting teams have advanced experience implementing software solutions that best fit the goals of the nonprofit, including Microsoft Dynamics, MemberCast, iMIS, and a selection of association management systems (AMS).

As nonprofits continue to modernize, digital strategies play a critical role in keeping focus and visibility. With a strong plan in place, nonprofits can avoid the pitfalls of silos and support cross-program initiatives that help the entire organization succeed.

Interested in strengthening your digital strategy? Find out how RSM can guide your nonprofit on the path to success here.

Tessa McCorkle is an Associate Technology Consultant on the Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (CE) team. She serves public sector and state and local government clients as part of the network of solution centers and is currently based in Alpharetta, GA.

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