RSM is a leading provider of Revenue Contract Management services and software in the Life Science industry. With years of industry-specific experience, RSM understands the complexity and simplifies the contract management process while optimizing gross to net.  

RSM leverages Dynamics as an integrated ERP/Contract Management system to streamline processes and delivers increased accuracy and clarity in your contracts and pricing. Our team can help navigate the complexity of Contract Management and ERP integration to solve our client’s most pressing challenges.  

Contract Management Systems (CMS) and Enterprise Resource Planning systems (ERP) are likely the most complicated interface Life Sciences manufacturers have to contend with developing, testing and maintaining. In this blog, we will discuss complexities, and interactions, as well as a solution to the problem.  

How Revenue Contract Management Can Help: 

Locating and updating Master Data in two systems, two EDI systems, Supply Chain transaction data in two systems and financial processing in two systems creates significant complexity. 

High-fidelity data, high volume, and accuracy through an interface can come at a high cost.   RSM has solved the problem for manufacturers by combining all CMS functions into Microsoft Dynamics 365  Finance & Supply Chain.   

RSM Consolidates ERP, and Contract Management, EDI with Analytics and Reporting  

Working with experts in Contract Management, building on decades of experience, we have developed and deployed our Revenue Contract Management solution in Dynamics as a managed service to clients large and small – emerging biopharma to Fortune 100 clients.  Now proven in the market we are ready to unlock value for our clients by combining these two systems into one, eliminating interfaces, consolidating EDI, and leveraging Microsoft to manage the environment with 99.9% uptime, performance monitoring, and disaster recovery included.   

RSM’s dedicated subject matter experts in Revenue Contract Management and industry practices are continually staying up to date with state and federal mandates. Our RCM team supports many clients in an advisory and managed service for contract management.  

RSM’s Revenue Contract Management solutions are also available as a standalone subscription service, with support from our Managed Services team.  

Why Partner with RSM? 

RSM has provided implementations for Microsoft applications for more than 35 years with over 2,000 clients across the country. With more than 950 consultants and more than 2,000 clients across the United States, RSM is a dedicated Microsoft Gold Partner. RSM is the trusted advisor to middle market companies for the evaluation, selection, implementation, and support of your company’s Microsoft investment. With more than 100 offices across North America and a global network with established Microsoft practices, RSM has certified and highly experienced Microsoft resources. Whether raising capital, addressing pricing pressures, or prioritizing development efforts, our Life Science practice helps you meet challenges head-on and resolve your business challenges.  


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