Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations Tips and Tricks – November 2016

By - December 5, 2016

As a trainer, I have noticed a common theme while training newer AX users, as well as long time AX users. The theme is that they don’t know about all the small features and tools that can help them while using the software.

There are many new features and tools in Dynamics 365 for Operations that seem to have gone unnoticed. This is unfortunate because these features exist for the user’s benefit. Let’s review some of the best new and improved features in Dynamics 365 for Operations.

  1. View Details – In one of my training classes, I couldn’t believe how many AX users thought that View details in forms was gone forever. Fear not; it never went away! View details is still alive and well, although since we are now using AX in a browser, it is done a little differently. In Dynamics 365, you must right-click the arrow in the field in order to display Form information, Personalization, and View details. You’re welcome!

Dynamics 365 for Operations


  1. Search – This feature is pretty obvious, although it’s a new feature in Dynamics 365 that has changed the way you use the software. The search capability in Dynamics 365 for Operations can save a lot of time, allowing you to quickly find forms just by typing what you need. It also displays the path for the form you are accessing.



  1. Shortcuts – There are a lot of new shortcuts in Dynamics Here are just a few:
    • Alt + N = New
    • Alt + G = Search
    • Alt + F1 = Go to the Navigation pane
    • Alt + Enter = Default for action
    • Ctrl + F7 = Message bar
    • Alt + Del or Alt + F9 = Delete a record.
    • Alt + S or Ctrl + S = Save a record.
    • F2 = Toggle edit mode.
    • Esc = Close the navigation list on Details forms.
    • Alt + Shift + Home = Go to the Dashboard
    • Alt + Shift + F1 = Go to the navigation bar.


  1. Favorites – If you frequently use certain forms, you can add them to your favorites in Dynamics 365 for Operations and your browser. You can easily add specific forms to your favorites by hovering over the form’s link and clicking the star at the right of the link. You can also add the URL to your browser’s favorites! Don’t forget to add workspaces and forms to your favorites list, too.
  1. Default view/edit mode – You can specify the default view/edit mode when opening forms in Dynamics 365. You can select whether forms open in viewable mode or editing mode. This option is found in the Options icon in the upper right corner of Dynamics 365.



  1. Help – The Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations Help feature is available throughout the entire application. The Help button helps you learn more about Dynamics 365 for Operations forms, features, and actions. All you have to do is click the icon in the upper right corner. The Help feature will display information depending on the form that is currently open in the application. The Help feature also has task guides. Task guides will display guides for a specific organization process in Dynamics 365.



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by Meghan McMullen for RSM



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