What to expect in Dynamics 365 Business Central’s 2021 Release Wave 2

By - September 27, 2021

Yes, it is that time of year again. The next release will be out soon. I am so looking forward to the Business Central 2021 release wave 2. It promises to contain some exciting updates. General availability is anticipated in October 2021.

Here is a list of some the updates being planned.

Allow for more than one budget on Account Schedules: How many times have you wanted to compare actual to budgets, but for more than one budget (or forecast)? Account Schedules have been updated to allow for both a budget and a forecast (second budget). The Column Layout has been updated to allow for a specific budget or budgets. This will allow you to report on actual versus budget for two budgets. You should also be able to compare budget to actual for this year and prior year. I can’t wait to try it out.

Time Sheets on Mobile Devices: This has been a long-awaited feature. If you are using time sheets, you will now be able to use mobile devices (both Android and iOS) to enter time sheet information. There are also changes to allow users to name a particular time sheet. The page now clearly indicates units of measure together with totals.

Edit in Excel: I just love the Edit in Excel functionality. This popular feature will be available for use in Recurring General Journals and Intercompany General Journals. So, you’ll get to use this fantastic functionality for even more transactions.

Posting Preview: There is a new way to show Posting Preview in the General Ledger Setup. This allows you to turn on the extended posting preview. Then when you are ready to preview a posting, you can choose to Show Hierarchical View to group the entries and extend the posting preview.

Enhancements to Payment Reconciliation: The Payment Reconciliation Journal now has separate number series, the ability to preview posting, and the ability to reverse the G/L register posted through the Payment Reconciliation Journal.

Enhancements to Bank Reconciliation: The bank reconciliation page has also been enhanced with quite a few changes. Here are just a few of the wonderful enhancements. Filters on the bank ledger entries, updates to the test report to focus on the period being reconciled, and many-to-1 matching is now available so that you can match many statement lines to one bank ledger entry. I know that there have been a lot of folks wanting this feature so that you can combine entries in your bank account.

Require Country/Region Code: There is a new setting in the General Ledger Setup to Require Country/Region Code in Addresses. When this is turned on, changes to the Country/Region Code field will reset the values in other address fields for customers, contact, and vendors.

Default Line Types on purchase and sales documents: You can now set the default type for sales in the Sales & Receivables Setup and the Purchase & Payables Setup. So, if you can set the type on the lines to G/L Account, Item, Resource, or Fixed Asset. Thus, making it easier for the majority of your processing without having to change the line type. It will now simply default to what you have in the setup.

More Fields/Columns: Microsoft listened to the feedback from the community and added more fields and columns on several pages. This includes adding additional columns through personalization on various pages in BC.

IBAN Numbers: You will now have the ability of being able to change the IBAN numbers on vendor bank accounts without having to worry about the historical credit transfer register entries. They will now store the IBAN and bank account number that were specified when the entries are created.

Exchange Rate Adjustments: You will now have more control over the exchange rate adjustments. You will be able to run the exchange rates adjustments for selected bank accounts, vendors or customers by using the Adjust Exchange Rates batch job.

Error processing: An improved user experience to help with errors involving posting setup and dimensions. You will now be able to investigate issues using the Error Message page across the application.

Dataverse: Couple records between BC and Dataverse in bulk. The Bulk-coupling will speed up the process of coupling multiple records and also allow you to define the rules to control how the couplings are made. Plus, there is a more efficient synchronization of multiple records when integrating BC and Microsoft Dataverse.

Non-Inventory on Worksheets: The requisition and planning worksheets are being updated to handle both physical inventory and non-inventory items (including services). This will allow for a more unified procurement process.

A complete list of What’s new and planned for Dynamics 265 Business Central can be found in the documentation for Business Central along with the previous release plans for 2021 wave 1.

Thanks again for reading my blog. Until next time.

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