Codeplex’s CRM2011 User Settings Utility for Microsoft Dynamics

By - October 3, 2014

One of the most common questions I get from customer using Microsoft Dynamics CRM is how do I manage the Microsoft Outlook Client at a global level. Codeplex is a great resource for free extensions to the Dynamics CRM platform and there is a great tool called CRM2011 User Settings Utility. This tool allows you to globally manage some of the personal settings within the Outlook Client.

CRM2011 user settings utility

You can see that most of the options available in the Outlook Client Settings are available. I think one of the best things it does is allow you to change to the ability of CRM to send emails on the user’s behalf. If you run workflows that send emails as a specific user, emails have the potential to get hung if this option is not checked. This would assume that on the user form their Outgoing Email Client is Outlook. This option is off by default so if it is not changed after the install this is where problems could arise.

I have used this utility in Dynamics CRM 2013 also and it appears to function like it should. This tool saves so much time and frustration especially when you have a significant amount of users on the Outlook Client.

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By: John Annunziato – Philadelphia Microsoft Dynamics CRM partner

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