Editable Subgrids: Out-of-Box vs Third Party Solutions

By - March 10, 2017

The Dynamics 365 debate of the year: Should I go out-of-box for editable subgrids or use a third party solution? Which one is best for my organization’s needs?

Subgrids are a common feature throughout Dynamics 365 CRM and can be used effectively. Editable subgrids, just like the read-only ones are a very useful tool and they  bring another level of functionality to the system. These subgrids enable you to edit child records without having to open each record individually. An example of this would be if you had an account open and wanted to edit information for the contacts related to the account. Microsoft first introduced this feature with Dynamics CRM 2015.

You can easily turn this functionality on and off by opening up the form editor for an entity and navigating to the properties of a subgrid. Once there, click “Controls” and “Add Control.” Select “Editable Grid” and then click “Add.”


There is one small issue with these “out-of-box” editable subgrids and that is that they only get you one layer of information.  For example let’s say your implementation requires you to have the ability to view/edit all child accounts along with all the contacts at each respective account.  In order to achieve that functionality, you would have to look to a third party solution. Personally, I am a big fan of the “D CRM Editable Grid” available free on CodePlex.

Link: https://dcrmeg.codeplex.com/

I’ve used this solution several times on different projects and have found it valuable and efficient from a user perspective. Instead of going back and forth between records, users can access and edit multiple layers of information from one subgrid.


This solution is customizable from the colors of rows and columns to the views for each layer and the ability to lock down individual columns for read-only.



While the out-of-box editable subgrid is great for some basic functionality, it truly doesn’t give you the ability to configure it for your specific needs.

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By: Brian Jason Smith – Florida Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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