Full Micrsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 functionality for iPad using Safari

By - November 14, 2013

A few months ago, this blog detailed the steps for users to gain Full Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 functionalities for mobile devices without third-party solutions using the Google Chrome browser for the iPad. These instructions pertained to an online instance of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011. The resulting capabilities within Chrome gave users an experience much like the actual desktop experience. In comparison to the limited mobile version on Safari, the Chrome experience was more robust for a mobile user. For many, this would make Chrome the browser of choice when using Dynamics CRM 2011 on the iPad.

Recently, we tested the mobile device functionality for an internet facing on premise deployment. We tested the capabilities of both Chrome and Safari on the iPad, side by side. By accessing a Dynamics CRM URL normally we were directed to the mobile express version of CRM on both browsers, as expected. The mobile express version functions identically between both browsers. However, mobile express offers limited functionality and usability. To access the more familiar desktop interface adding “/main.aspx” to the end of the URL is required. Within this interface is where we did our testing. First we started by addressing basic functions such as opening, viewing, and closing data throughout Dynamics CRM and were pleased with both browsers. The next tests included creating records, dashboards, activities and editing and saving data. Here the only negative we found was the save and close button did not function in Chrome. We then tested some of the more intricate functions like running reports, advanced find, creating dashboards, and customizing forms. This is where the 2 browsers showed some separation. In Safari, we were able to run reports, create and edit advanced finds, and remove fields. In Chrome we were only able to create advanced finds and remove fields. Neither browser allowed us to create dashboards or add fields to a form. Overall both browsers provide an experience better than the express mobile version. However, from our testing, we found Safari to be a smoother and more uniform experience versus Chrome.

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By: Charlie Bytheway – New Jersey Microsoft Dynamics CRM partner

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