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By - April 9, 2018

The Dynamics 365 V9.0 (Fall 2017 Release) is finally here for existing customers! It seems Microsoft is following in the footsteps of their operating system and software, coming out with an annual update to their enterprise applications. In fall of 2016, Microsoft completely overhauled the marketing/branding of what was Microsoft CRM and changed it to Microsoft Dynamics 365 for (Sales, Service, Finance and Operations, Talent, Marketing, Etc.). Now you have apps specific to the operation or department. Other than the branding and some back-end changes, you really wouldn’t notice any differences except for the additions of Insights, Organizational Insights and Relationship Insights. That was it.

In the fall of 2017, Microsoft released V9.0, which was a major front-end update for the User Interface (UI) and other anticipated functionality that users have been demanding for quite some time.

A new user interface

First off, let’s take a look at the new UI. You can easily notice the differences when first looking at the Sales Activity Dashboard.

Microsoft has continued to modernize the layout by making it flatter and filling out white space as you can see below.

They’ve also added word wrap to the labels attributes. Previously you used to have to manually space out the width of the box pixel by pixel, now it automatically adjusts itself.

Additionally, there is was an enhancement around the branding experience on a form. The new feature allows for you to have color on your sub-grids. Maybe you want to color code a process and have an order with color or you just want to make the form more colorful for your users. With that, each sub-grid header can be colored.

In addition to the enhancements on the existing forms, there is an entire new Unified User Interface (UUI) which keeps the experience consistent across Dynamics 365 product family.

Even the timeline has more filtering capabilities and visuals.

Additional improvements as part of the UUI include:

  • Skype for Business status indicator across all supported web browsers (This was limited to just IE previously)
  • OneNote create functionality will be available on mobile devices
  • Improved dashboard chart filtering

Multi-Select Option Sets

You read that right. What we’ve all been waiting for!  Multi-Select option sets.

You can set it up like any other field in the system. Just select “MultiSelect Option Set” from the list (it is identical to a traditional Option Set as far as the setup goes).

Once it is set up, put it on your form and you should see something similar to this example.


How can I upgrade to the latest version?

If you are setting up a brand new organization with a new instance, you will have the latest v9.0 (Fall 2017 release). For existing customers, Microsoft is now scheduling updates over the next couple of months. Contact your Dynamics 365 representative to schedule yours today!

How much does the upgrade cost?

There is no cost to upgrade if you are already on Dynamics 365 licensing. The answer gets a little more complex if you are on 2016 or an earlier version.

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By: Brian Jason Smith – Florida | Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales (Formerly Microsoft CRM)

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