Working with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Users in Office 365

By - October 11, 2012

With the release of Office 365, there is a new process for adding users to your Microsoft Dynamic CRM Online. In the previous Dynamics CRM online environment, users were added within the Dynamics CRM site. This is also where user information would be updated and security roles would be assigned. Now, users must first be added using the Office 365 Admin Portal and user information is entered into the Office 365 user profile. The user information will be carried over to the user profile within Dynamics CRM.  From the Office 365 Admin Portal, users are then assigned to specific licenses of Microsoft products; however, user security roles are still assigned with Dynamic CRM. The screenshots below explain some of the new components of working with users in Office 365.

Adding Users

Users can be added from the Admin shortcuts or from the Users list.


Add user information under “Additional Details”. This information will transfer to the user profile within Dynamic CRM. This information can only be updated from Office 365. It will appear grayed out in Dynamic CRM. NOTE: There is no email field in Office 365. The email field in CRM will automatically populate with the Office 365 email given to each user. Email addresses will have to be updated for each user in Dynamic CRM.


During the settings portion of adding a user, you will be asked to assign a user role. This is referring to assigning the user a role as an administrator for the Office 365 portal. If this needs to be done, select the type of Administrator you would like to have for the portal. Otherwise, select “No”. NOTE: If the person is assigned as a Global Administrator for Office 365, they will automatically be assigned the System Administrator security role within Dynamic CRM.

At the email password results step, Office 365 automatically inserts the Office 365 email of the logged in user. This can be replaced with the email for the user being created. The temporary password information will appear on the next screen as well.


Deleting Users


Deleting users takes place in Office 365 from within the Users list. Select the user you wish to delete and click the blue “Delete” link. The deleted users will appear under the Deleted view and can be reactivated within 30 days of deletion. Once a user is deleted from Office 365 they will be removed as a user from Dynamic CRM. Their license can then be assigned to a new user.


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By: Alesha Baerenwald – Microsoft Dynamics Solutions from RSM  


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