Audit Tracking in Microsoft Dynamics GP

By - December 5, 2017

Have your auditors ever asked to see a report that shows changes made to your setup windows or any changes in Security in GP?  Have your auditors asked to see a report that shows any vendor or customer changes made in the system?  Have you ever wondered if fraud exists at your company?

There are several tools for finding that information; we recommend tools like Rockton Auditor or FastPath Audit Trail.  Both of these tools will allow you to capture the fact that a record was changed as well as who changed it and the time and date it was changed.  I worked with a publicly traded company where we created reports for the auditors using Fastpath and found that it decreased their audit preparation time by half. I also worked with a private company where the owner wanted to see any changes made to the Vendor Check name and any changes to the Vendor EFT. That information was available using Rockton Auditor tool.

The Rockton Auditor tool is a robust data change management tool. The Auditor has flexible setup and tracking options that let you determine what level and type of tracking is best for you. The tool also allows you to choose if you want to be notified by email when changes are made. Setup options also allow you to have E-sign for an extra layer of security if you require users to obtain authorization before changing data. Auditor also has an option to have notes of explanation for changes made in the system.  It allows you to track changes at the table or screen level. Auditor can integrate to any of the third- party add-ons as well as well as Smartlist.  The Auditor reports show up on your smartlist so you can quickly, sort, filter, and export out the data into excel. The Auditor is only compatible with Dynamics GP.

Fastpath Audit Trail monitors and tracks all changes to critical system data made from external sources or within Dynamics GP.  This tool comes with many of out of the box reports that system engineers developed based on customer requests.  Some of the features of Audit Trail are: track before and after values including items that have been deleted, track Schema changes, review and sign off on changes, export reports into multiple formats including PDF and excel; it is compatible with third-party add-ons and custom functionality. Fastpath is a standalone application. Fastpath is compatible with Dynamics GP, AX, NAV, SL, CRM, 365, NetSuite, SAP, Oracle and Salesforce.

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