Batch posting for Microsoft Dynamics GP — Part 2: Cause and prevention for stuck batches

By - October 2, 2014

Transactional errors are not the only reason for a batch to be interrupted and fail during posting in Microsoft Dynamics GP.  There are other causes for interruptions in posting.  For example, during posting, there is a process happening behind the scenes between your Microsoft Dynamics GP client workstation and the SQL server. The majority of the posting process actually occurs on the SQL server rather than on the workstation. At certain intervals in the process, the server communicates back to your Dynamics GP client, passing the results back and sending any instructions for the next steps back to the SQL server. In some modules such as the General Ledger, a final step is required to send the report data back to the Dynamics GP client to print the posting journals. If the printing process does not complete, the posting process fails.

The process is most susceptible to a posting interruption or failure during this exchange between the SQL Server and the Dynamics GP client workstation. If the communication is interrupted, even if only very briefly, the posting process can fail partially or completely. Some examples of the most common disruptions include power outages, network hardware failure, or workstation crash. Even a very brief or barely noticeable loss of network connectivity can trigger a posting problem.

Because of these potential network connectivity issues, Dynamics GP is not supported over a VPN or wireless connections, as they have a tendency to become easily inundated and breakable. We recommend anyone responsible for posting in Dynamics GP use an actual ethernet connection on the same network as the server. If you use terminal services to access your network remotely, you will need to ensure that the terminal server’s connection to the network has a stable connection.

Even if you are hard-wired to the network, there are symptoms of network connectivity issues on your workstation such as:

  • Loss of connection to mapped drives or shares
  • Intermittent printing difficulties
  • Loss of connectivity to the Internet
  • Program crashes or network errors

Some things you can do to prevent posting interruptions and ensure the best conditions possible for safe posting, we recommend the following:

  • Use a wired network connection
  • Reboot your workstation regularly
  • Exit Dynamics GP completely at the end of the day
  • Log out of Dynamics GP if you are not using the program
  • Print to screen first rather than directly to the printer
  • Close down other applications that eat up memory over time (web browsers, in particular, can be a problem – close and re-open occasionally)
  • Do not ignore connection or window errors in Dynamics GP – close the program and log back in if you are already having connection problems
  • Be cautious when posting extremely large batches. Close any unneeded applications and do not click around in Dynamics GP while posting
  • Be aware of environmental issues that might increase the risk of power outages such as weather, construction, or wiring.

If you experiencing interruptions with your Dynamics GP batch postings, RSM can help support your Microsoft Dynamics needs. We offer access to Certified Microsoft Professionals, help desk and phone support, knowledge and experience with third party products and dedicated account management.  Please contact our professionals for more information at or by phone at 855.437.7202.

By: Nancy Hogan – Pennsylvania Microsoft Dynamics GP partner

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