How to Customize EFT Files in Microsoft Dynamics GP

By - December 16, 2016

Out of the box,  Dynamics GP supports several formats, which on most occasions will work, with some effort in setup.

One of the formats that isn’t supported in Dynamics GP is the XML Pain 001.03 format, this new format is a replacement of the XML Pain 001.01 format that was a standard years back.  The new XML Pain 001.03 format is used by Chase, B of A and other banks. To accommodate this format for EFT payments out of Dynamics GP, we created a new Dexterity customization that works with existing EFT checkbook and vendor address EFT setup windows.  After the check process is complete, a new option is available on the Generate EFT File window in Payables Management. When the user marks an EFT batch for processing and selects the new additional option, a new XML file is generated in place of the normal file created by Dynamics GP.

We recently completed this customization for Sage Electrochromics, they use this file to transmit CHK or CTX (ACH) payments to Chase and it is successfully in production.  If you come across this requirement with clients, please reach out to our team to discuss next steps and getting this customization installed for your client.

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